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Being a new parent is a time of wonder and excitement. You are filled with joy at each new development of your child — her first smile, his first steps, the first time she says, “Mama!” But it is also a time of questions and challenges. “How do I deal with this new behavior?” “My child didn’t eat much at all today. Should I be worried?” Nearly 40% of families in the Bronx live at or below the poverty level, which is an added hurdle.
We help families meet these challenges at the bilingual Family Resource Center in the Soundview neighborhood of the Bronx, where all services are free. We bring parents and caregivers together to build a community of support and to provide a safety net for families. Targeted to families with children under the age of 5, the Center equips parents and caregivers with knowledge, stability, support and access to resources so they can help children develop to their full potential.

Building Bonds with Children and Parents Alike

The Center hosts a wide range of free family and community activities — playgroups, movie afternoons, festivals, and field trips — so parents and caregivers have the opportunity to come together with others in a warm, comfortable environment. Parents and children bond while meeting neighbors, building a sense of community in a neighborhood with limited outlets and where families, particularly those with limited English-language skills, might otherwise feel isolated.

Parents and caregivers, along with their children, join us weekly for free arts, crafts, readings and other activities. Our staff model how parents can interact with children to promote positive social, emotional and intellectual development.

In addition to activities for families, parents and caregivers can share and learn from each other through workshops and other activities, such as a moms nights out, a parenting support group and more.


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Making Sure Families Have the Resources They Need to Thrive

We offer a wide range of multilingual, essential resources in one community hub, at no charge.

  • Parenting and life skills workshops
  • Assistance with public benefits, health services, and advocacy for tenant’s rights
  • Career and job-readiness including help accessing GED and ESL classes, adult education services, job skills, and assistance writing résumés and seeking jobs
  • Access to a free computer lab
  • Assistance with tax preparation
  • Referrals to community organizations for other services

The Parenting Journey

For parents and caregivers who need more intensive help, including those involved in Family Court, we offer a 12-week, evidence-based curriculum called The Parenting Journey. In addition to helping parents develop a greater understanding of child development, the program helps uncover patterns of behavior and shifts the focus away from the child to the welfare of the family as a whole. This curriculum encourages positive parenting and gives parents the tools they need to build united, strong families.



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Maria Deaquis, Coordinator



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