Biondi Elementary School

Grades K – 6 / Bronx, NY

Helping Struggling Students Learn

Some Kids Need a Boost

Not all students learn the same way. Some students face challenges that make it more difficult to learn. They may struggle to focus. Or are easily frustrated. If they feel they are unsuccessful in learning, a downward spiral can take over. For students like these, a smaller school with more individualized instruction, and a faculty and staff especially trained to serve students with emotional disorders and learning disabilities, offers hope and opportunity for a young student to successfully learn. Biondi Elementary is that school.

Giving Kids a Fresh Start

Biondi Eementary

At Biondi Elementary, children with emotional disorders, learning disabilities, and other challenges who were falling behind, not receiving the attention or support they needed, have a fresh start and a chance to learn skills to succeed in the classroom – and the world around them. With support from teachers in classrooms no larger than 12 students per class, students learn to overcome their frustrations, improve their self-esteem, and build academic skills.

Faculty and staff create a nurturing, positive environment in order to engage young people. Using the evidence-based Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) method reinforces students’ strengths and increases positive behaviors to build confidence and inspire achievement.

The Right Environment for Growth

Biondi Elementary School is the right environment to support the educational and personal growth for those who need it the most:

  • To get kids on track to go to and graduate from high school, Biondi Elementary School is a fully-accredited, non-public school offering a rich curriculum of academic and creative arts skills.
  • To give each child the individual attention they need, class sizes are small, with at least 1 teacher and 1 teaching assistant for every 12 students.
  • To promote advancement, we use methodologies proven effective with students who have had difficulty learning to read or are behind.
  • To encourage expression and enhance a sense of self, students participate in art, and other activities suited to their interests.
  • To help parents provide the support their children need to thrive, we provide coaching and workshops to build their skills.
  • To help parents take a more active role in their child’s development, we support an active PTA.

The Therapeutic and Clinical Support Children Need

Students receive comprehensive support:

  • Licensed social workers support the well-being of students and work closely with families as needed.
  • Licensed clinical psychologists help structure the school experience and provide therapy for students who need help.
  • Board certified psychiatrists assist students with wide ranging clinical challenges and administer medications as needed.
  • Crisis prevention/intervention specialists help students in stressful circumstances.
  • Registered nurses tend to students’ medical needs.


1529 Williamsbridge Road, Bronx


Roland Lewis, Principal



Strengthening families and individuals in need.



Giving kids a strong start and supporting special needs.



Providing housing and supportive services.



Fostering physical and mental well-being.